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Our team will dedicate one full session assisting you in finding a job, giving you advice, tips on how to prepare your CV, how to present yourself for an interiew, information about questions to ask your potential employers and what to expect during interviews. You will also be provided with the contact information of several leading educational institutions, recruitment agencies and other employers who prefer CELTA graduates as their employees.

Many graduates successfully obtain their first post in our Sydney center itself and others find employment in local schools or abroad through the center's extensive connections.

While most of them look out for a job after completing their CELTA course, other graduate positions include setting up their own schools, teaching while backpacking and some specialise in a particular area, like Business English or Teaching Young Learners. With acquisition of the English language considered essential in just about every part of the world, the job possibilities are immense.

Here in our center in Sydney, your next journey begins before the end of the course.

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