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Earn a CELTA in Australia - the most prestigious and recognised teacher training qualification accepted by employers around the world.

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TEFL - Teacher Training Courses in Australia

Increase your prospects of getting a well paid job with a prestigious CELTA certificate recognised by more than 20,000 universities, government organisations and employers worldwide. With the ever growing demand for English teachers around the world, a TEFL certificate will give you "the edge" required to compete with others in the ESL job market.

We bring you Cambridge CELTA course throughout Australia requiring no previous teaching experience, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced teachers. Get the best training, practical sessions and comprehensively assessed teaching preparation, to launch or enhance your teaching career.

Having Cambridge CELTA as your TEFL qualification will give you a greater chance of getting a better paying job in the global TESOL industry, plus an adventurous study period exploring Australia!

Cambridge CELTA

Cambridge CELTA

Accepted Worldwide

Accepted Worldwide

Better Job Prospects

Better Jobs Prospects

Teach Travel and Explore

Teach Travel Explore

TEFL Course Locations

Take a TEFL course in any of the five beautiful Australian cities, which are situated close to the major transportation hub that allows you to move easily across the country.

Why Choose a CELTA?

Internationally Recognised

Internationally Recognised

The Cambridge CELTA qualification is regulated by Ofqual at Level 5 on the Qualifications and Credit Framework and is given premium product endorsement by NEAS in Australia.

Employers Delight

Employers Delight

CELTA is the most desired, highly valued and professional teacher training qualification sought after by most ESL employers and schools in Australia and around the world.

Professional Development

Professional Development

With a Cambridge CELTA certificate, successful teacher trainees may progress onto applying for DELTA or for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) towards Certificate IV in TESOL.

CELTA gives you an opportunity to teach English abroad, while meeting new people, and experiencing different cultures/languages.

How It Works?

Choose a Location

1. Choose a Location

First step to becoming a TEFL qualified teacher is to choose your desired location. Consider factors like pricing, study dates and course delivery formats when choosing a location.

Book a Course

2. Book a Course

Choose between a 4-week full-time course, a 10-week part-time or an online (blended) course to fill the application form, attend the interview and book your place for the course.

Start Teaching

3. Start Teaching

Start teaching immediately after successfully completing your course and obtaining your CELTA certificate. Explore the endless teaching job opportunities in Australia and abroad.

Obtaining your CELTA TEFL certification in Australia is easy. Whether you are a beginner with no previous experience, or an expert looking to boost your career.

There is NO direct enrolment to the CELTA course. All applicants must be assessed (interviewed) before joining the course.

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Course Features

The CELTA course in Australia opens doors to a fulfilling training experience and diverse opportunities in the global EFL industry. Some of the key features are:

120+ Study Hours

120+ contact hours including input sessions on effective teaching methodologies, language analysis, lesson planning and classroom techniques.

Teaching Practice

Six hours of assessed teaching practice with real students under a real classroom setting combined with in-depth oral and written feedback from tutors.

Teaching Observation

Observing experienced tutors teach for at least six hours, plus peer observation, feedback sessions for improvement and confidence building.

Job Support, Assistance

One session dedicated to career advice and CV writing tips. Opportunities for graduate internship and job prospects within and outside the centers.

Experienced Trainers

Highly competent and experienced tutors working towards your career goals and professional journey, nurturing you to become successful teachers.

Full-time & Part-time

Choose between full-time, part-time and online (blended) course options that covers the same syllabus leading to the same CELTA certificate.

Course Outcomes

The major outcome of the CELTA training is the development of practical skills required to teach English in any part of the world. After your training, you will have mastered the following EFL skills.

Teaching Methodologies

How to teach grammar, reading, speaking, writing, function, vocabulary and pronunciation under varied learning contexts and out of class study.

Lesson Planning

Effective lesson planning techniques with differentiated objectives and methods of designing a timetable for learners at various difficulty levels.

Classroom Management

How to manage and supervise a classroom with the ability to inspire learners, irrespective of the age or socio-cultural background.

Teaching Resources

Sourcing, creating and developing classroom resources and teaching aids. Operative adaptation of teaching materials for use in the classroom.

Effective Delivery

How to structure and deliver lessons successfully irrespective of the different language skills and difficulty levels of learners.

Personality Development

Confidence in language teaching across various classrooms plus advanced work ethics even if you have never taught in a classroom before.

Having a TEFL qualification such as CELTA shows prospective employers that you have undergone an intense practical teaching experience and possess the required skills to teach English under diverse contexts across different countries.

How To Apply


Request Application

Request the application/pre-interview task, and submit it after completion.


Attend Interview

Attend an interview in-person or through Skype with one of our tutors.


Confirm Your Place

Following a successful interview you can confirm your place for the course.

What is CELTA?

CELTA, known as the Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (previously the Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) is the most popularly acknowledged pre-service ESL teaching qualification in the world. CELTA is suitable for teachers with little or no previous teaching experience and is the minimum requirement for language teaching jobs in most countries. CELTA courses are accredited by the Cambridge English Language Assessment.

What is Certificate IV in TESOL?

The Certificate IV in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is an Australian accredited qualification for ESL teachers. Certificate IV in TESOL meets the requirements of the Australian National ELT Accreditation Scheme (NEAS), and is recognised within and outside the country. It is suitable for international students with a high proficiency in English language, willing to teach English as a second language in Australia or overseas.

CELTA v/s Certificate IV in TESOL

CELTA is accredited by the Cambridge English Language Assessment and recognised both in and outside Australia. The Certificate IV in TESOL is purely an Australian qualification for teachers who want to teach in Australia or overseas. CELTA is more recognised outside Australia than the Certificate IV in TESOL.

The CELTA and Certificate IV in TESOL courses are equally practical in nature offering over 100 hours of study and a minimum of six hours observed and assessed teaching practice. Both these TEFL qualifications are recognised for teaching English language to international students in Australia and many other countries.

Further Reading: Should I choose a CELTA or a Certificate IV in TESOL course?

Frequently Asked Questions

I have no teaching experience. Can I take the course?

Yes, you can! Having a teaching experience is not a requirement to take a TEFL course. TEFL courses can be taken by people with no teaching background or those with experience seeking a recognised formal qualification.

I am a non-native English speaker. Can I take the course?

Yes, you can! You can take the course as long as you have evidence of high proficiency in English Language. Typically, a level of English around CEFR C1+ or upper intermediate level is sufficient.

Should I take a CELTA or a Certificate IV in TESOL?

You may opt for the Certificate IV in TESOL if your aim is to teach English within Australia or if you have Recognition of Prior Learning, however the CELTA certificate is more recognised globally. Read this for detailed explanation.

Do you offer job guarantee?

All TEFL centers have sessions dedicated to job support and providing assistance in getting your first job after training. Some of our centers offer internships or job contracts within and outside the country. However, this is dependent on various conditions and is not a guarantee of employment.

Do I have to know grammar before taking a course?

You do not necessarily need to be a grammar expert before you begin the TEFL course although a knowledge of grammar is required. You will learn more on grammar during your training.

How long does it take to complete a course?

The duration of your TEFL training depends on the type of course you choose. The full-time intensive CELTA takes four weeks while the part-time option lasts about 10 to 12 weeks.

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