CELTA Delivery Formats

You can complete a CELTA course in Australia using one of the 3 formats listed below. Regardless of the chosen format, CELTA candidates are assessed through written assignments and teaching practice, and offered the same internationally recognised CELTA certificate accredited by the Cambridge Language Assessment. 

Full-time Course

4 to 5 weeks, from Monday to Friday per week, with a few centers opting for a 4 day class per week.

Part-time Course

10 weeks to 5 months, with 2 days of classes in the evening in a week, plus a full day on a Saturday.

Online Course

12 to 18 weeks, online self-study with face-to-face sessions for teaching practice.

The requirements and eligibility remains the same across all 3 formats. A candidate has to be 18 years old with a good hold on English language. Check the full requirements and eligibility here.

Full-time CELTA Course

The full-time CELTA courses are intensive, face-to-face sessions with a minimum of 120 contact hours, and an additional 80+ hours of self-study. These include lesson plan preparation, assignments and selection of classroom materials. The full-time CELTA course is taken over 4 to 5 weeks period, and involves a high level of commitment. Trainees will be interacting with the tutors on a daily basis.

Part-time CELTA Course

The part-time format is also a face-to-face course that covers a 120-hour course duration with equal hours for self-study. However, unlike the full-time course, the part-time course is less intensive and spans from few weeks to months, usually between 10 weeks and 5 months. This format is suitable for teachers who are working and looking for a evening/weekend class.

The part-time CELTA courses in Australia runs on selected days of the week and/or weekends. Typically, two days on weekdays, and a full day on Saturday.

CELTA Online, Blended Course

CELTA online classes offer a flexible method of earning a CELTA certification by merging online training with physical teaching practice. Most of the input sessions are taken through interactive online materials, forums and live session with a tutor support. You only need to travel to your CELTA centre for lesson planning and teaching practice.

The online course span from 10 weeks to an academic year. The blended CELTA format is suitable for candidates who wish to take the course but may not be able to travel to the center for the entire duration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the certificates different across the 3 formats?

The certificates across all 3 formats will remain the same. All three formats are globally accepted and accredited by the Cambridge Language Assessment.

Does the certificate indicate the kind of course (full-time, part-time or online) one has opted for?

No. The Cambridge CELTA certificate does not indicate the course delivery format you've choosen.

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