CELTA in Perth

Take your CELTA in Perth, situated between the Indian Ocean with more sunshine than any other capital city in Australia, and become a qualified TEFL teacher with opportunities to live and work abroad.

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Step into the World of Teaching with CELTA in Perth

Kickstart your teaching journey with a CELTA course in Perth, a city where modern urban living meets natural beauty.

Imagine spending your weekdays gaining valuable teaching skills and weekends exploring pristine beaches, vibrant markets, or relaxing in beautiful Kings Park.

As a CELTA trainee in Perth, you're investing in a world-renowned qualification that equips you for teaching English globally. Perth's welcoming atmosphere and rich cultural diversity offer a supportive environment for TEFL trainees, where one can learn, grow professionally, and enjoy an enchanting Australian city that promises unique experiences, all in one package. Your teaching career begins here in beautiful Perth.

Key Features

  • Unlock Global Opportunities: CELTA provides an internationally recognised qualification, opening doors to teaching English in Australia and overseas.
  • Renowned Quality: We were the first in Perth to offer the CELTA course, ensuring experience and quality in course delivery.
  • Gold Standard of ELT Certification: The CELTA course, administered by the University of Cambridge, is accepted globally as the top qualification for English language teaching. It is valued higher than many online and Cert IV courses available.
  • Australian Teaching Requirement: For teaching in Australia, a degree or recognised tertiary diploma, along with CELTA or its equivalent, are mandatory for employment.
  • Flexible TEFL Course Options: Both full-time and part-time CELTA courses are available to cater to diverse learning preferences and schedules.

Did you know? - Perth is known as the "City of Light." This nickname came about when city residents lit up their houses as American astronaut John Glenn passed overhead while orbiting the earth in 1962. This glowing spectacle of welcoming warmth makes Perth an enlightening place to embark on your teaching journey.

CELTA Perth: Course Content

The CELTA course offered at our Perth center is an intensive 120-hour TEFL program designed to equip you with the practical skills needed to effectively teach English to adult learners. The curriculum covers a diverse range of crucial aspects of teaching English, including:

  • Interactive input sessions led by experienced teacher trainers on vital topics such as grammar instruction and classroom management.
  • Essential practice in lesson planning to help you create effective and engaging English lessons.
  • Real-life teaching practice with actual students, involving 6 hours of assessed teaching, giving you hands-on experience.
  • Constructive feedback from teacher trainers on your teaching practice to enhance your teaching techniques.
  • Observations of seasoned teachers in real classroom settings at our center, amounting to a minimum of 6 hours, offering you exposure to varied teaching styles and methodologies.
  • Collaborative peer observation and feedback to encourage shared learning and improvement.
  • Written assessments to test your understanding of the course material.
Download complete CELTA syllabus here.

Perth CELTA Course Dates

# Start Date ↑ End Date Format ↑ Location Notes
1 02-Jan-2024 30-Jan-2024 Full-time - Completed Hay Street 4 weeks Full-time, Mon - Fri, 9:00am to 5:30pm
2 06-May-2024 31-May-2024 Full-time - Started Hay Street 4 weeks Full-time, Mon - Fri, 9:00am to 5:30pm
3 05-Aug-2024 30-Aug-2024 Full-time Hay Street 4 weeks Full-time, Mon - Fri, 9:00am to 5:30pm
4 05-Aug-2024 12-Oct-2024 Part-time Hay Street 10 weeks Part-time, Mon & Wed, 5:30pm - 9:00pm & Sat 9:00am - 3:00pm
5 25-Nov-2024 08-Feb-2025 Part-time Hay Street 10 weeks Part-time, Mond & Wed, 5:30pm - 9:00pm & Sat 9:00am - 3:00pm

Course Price: Perth

  • Fees: $3,250 (AUD) Excluding GST *
  • A registration fee of $150.00 (AUD) to be paid before conducting the interview.

* Note:

  • The price includes The University of Cambridge Assessment Fee.
  • We do NOT accept payments until you have submitted your application and have been interviewed by a tutor.
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Astonishing tidbit- Perth boasts the largest city park in the world, Kings Park, which is even bigger than New York's Central Park. It's the perfect spot for teachers to unwind, offering stunning city views and plenty of tranquil green spaces for relaxation or lesson planning!

CELTA Perth Overview

CELTA is the right qualification for somebody looking for a career change, as it is suitable for people with no previous teaching experience, and also for experienced teachers who are looking to develop their teaching skills.

Our TEFL institute is located on Hay Street with expert tutors preparing you for real-life classroom teaching, handling aspects such as language analysis, lesson planning, classroom management techniques, observed teaching practice and feedback. You can track your development through self-reflection, input sessions and peer observation. The training centers are well equipped with the latest teaching technology and internet services to improve the teacher training quality.

The course is offered in two formats: 4-week full-time course and 10-week part-time TEFL course suitable for teachers who are working. With Perth's booming economy and picturesque landscape, you can explore different employment opportunities while you soak in the pristine beaches and breathtaking scenery.

CELTA as a TEFL Certificate is considered to be the most acknowledged and reputed English teaching certificate across the world. The credibility of your CELTA certificate puts you at the forefront in the global TEFL job market.

Our TEFL Training Center at Perth

Established in 1984, the Hay Street center runs a gold standard of teacher training, and is one of the first colleges to administer the CELTA certificate in Perth. The center is registered and accredited by both State and Federal authorities and the University of Cambridge. The center has a standard educational facility with a rooftop garden for trainees to relax. A team of tutors are always ready to collaborate with trainees for the fulfillment of their professional and career goals.

Tutors at our Perth Training Center

The CELTA courses are run by professional tutors who are highly experienced and supportive with great dedication to helping trainees meet their study goals and career objectives. The in-depth feedback from our tutors during the course is regarded as one of the best component of the course. All tutors are Cambridge certified with years of practical experience in TEFL training. They provide career support and job related advice during and after the course to all our graduates. Internship and work placement support are offered to trainees, thus offering a rewarding teaching position after their course training.

In essence, at our Perth center, you'll find tutors who are not just teachers but mentors and companions on your CELTA journey.

Perth is the popular energy rich capital of Western Australia! Although, Perth seem to be an isolated city, it offers ESL teachers a higher range of salaries and exposure to develop their skills and personality.

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Discover Perth: An Ideal Location For Your CELTA Journey

Perth, Western Australia's vibrant capital, seamlessly blends urban life with outdoor pursuits. As a CELTA trainee in Perth, you'll enjoy a uniquely rewarding TEFL study experience, interspersed with plenty of opportunities to explore and unwind. Let's take a look at some of the must-visit spots and exhilarating activities that await you in Perth.

Unwind on Perth's Pristine Beaches

  • City Beach and Cottesloe: Spend a weekend unwinding on these famous beaches, soaking up the sunshine, and immersing yourself in the tranquil ocean atmosphere. These locations provide a perfect backdrop for some leisurely reading or TEFL lesson planning amidst nature's beauty.

Experience the Unique Wildlife at Rottnest Island

  • Rottnest Island: A quick ferry ride from the city takes you to this charming island, home to adorable quokkas. Snap a selfie with these friendly creatures or observe the migrating humpback whales during the months of September to December. It's a great day trip for a CELTA weekend off.

Explore the Breathtaking Kings Park

  • Kings Park and Western Australia Botanic Garden: Spend an afternoon meandering through one of the world's largest inner-city parks. Discover the park's rich biodiversity, marvel at its panoramic city views, and find a serene spot to revise your teaching notes amidst a natural setting.

Feast on Global Flavours

  • Annual Night Noodle Markets: Treat your taste buds to a culinary adventure with the flavors of Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese cuisines at these popular annual markets. It's a foodie experience not to miss while living or studying in Perth.

Savour Local Beverages

  • Mandoon Estate Vineyard and The Llawn: Post classes or during the weekend, relax and sample the local Mandoon wines or grab a beer at The Llawn, a popular beer garden. It's an ideal way to wind down after a week of learning and teaching.

Immerse Yourself in Perth's Cultural Scene

  • Art Gallery of Western Australia: Embrace your creative side by visiting this prestigious art gallery, showcasing both international and Australian art pieces. It's a perfect place for some quiet inspiration.

  • Perth Cultural Centre: A vibrant hub of music, theatre, and art. Attend a local event or performance during your free evenings after the TEFL class, connecting with the rich cultural scene of the city.

Venture Out to the Swan Valley

  • Swan Valley: Just a short drive from Perth, this region is renowned for its wine, food, and stunning landscapes. Plan a weekend day trip to explore wineries, gourmet food producers, and art galleries.

Taking a TEFL in Perth not only offers an immersive English language teaching course but also an enriching travel experience. Despite the city's hustle and bustle, it provides a sense of calmness, offering an ideal environment for a productive CELTA journey. With a rich tapestry of adventures and breathtaking landscapes, Perth is more than a study destination - it's an experience.

You can treat yourself to a short holiday in Asia at the end of your TEFL training in Perth. The city is unbelievably closer to Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia than it is to some Australian cities like Sydney and Canberra.

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