CELTA in Sydney

With a CELTA in Sydney, take the plunge and build an exciting teaching career in the biggest city in Australia dotted with the country's best beaches, thrilling adventures and fantastic TEFL job opportunities.

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CELTA in Sydney: Your Launchpad to Global Teaching Opportunities

Embarking on a CELTA course in Sydney offers a blend of professional development and the excitement of one of Australia's most vibrant cities.

Our CELTA TEFL course focuses on hands-on skills, providing you with the techniques and confidence to begin teaching as soon as you complete the course.

Whether you're seeking a career change or simply wanting to expand your horizons, our comprehensive TEFL training in Sydney includes real-time teaching experience, and a chance to explore.

Key Features

  • Course Availability: Courses in Sydney run regularly throughout the year, offering flexibility to suit various learning paces and schedules in Australia.
  • Teaching Practice: Engage in teaching practice with real students in Sydney, gaining hands-on experience and practical insights into classroom dynamics.
  • Job Placement Support: Benefit from immediate opportunities for job placement in Australia, Europe and Asia, with support to help secure your first teaching job.
  • Expert CELTA Trainers: Learn from expert, passionate CELTA trainers in Sydney, providing personalized coaching, mentorship, and expertise in reaching your career goals.
  • Global Career Opportunities: Explore career opportunities throughout the global IH network, with the potential to work across various countries and educational institutions.

Did you know? Sydney is home to over 200 nationalities, making it a melting pot of cultures - a great advantage for teacher trainees looking to interact with a diverse community!

CELTA Course Structure at Sydney

120 Contact Hours, Including:

  • Input Sessions:
    • Exploration of teaching methodologies
    • Teaching skills for speaking, writing, reading, grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, and function
    • Language analysis and adult teaching in various contexts
    • Lesson planning, material adaptation, and creation
    • Understanding motivation, cultural backgrounds, and learning styles
  • Teaching Practice:
    • Six hours of assessed teaching practice with real students
    • Detailed oral and written feedback on your teaching
    • Opportunities to ask tutors questions about your teaching practice lessons
  • Additional Elements:
    • Six hours observing lessons taught by experienced teachers
    • A minimum of 120 hours self-study at home, including required course reading, lesson preparation, and course assignments
Download complete CELTA syllabus here.

Sydney CELTA Course Dates

# Start Date ↑ End Date Format ↑ Location Notes
1 06-Jan-2024 14-Mar-2024 Part-time - Completed Clarence Street Part-time
2 08-Jan-2024 02-Feb-2024 Full-time - Completed Clarence Street Full-time
3 23-Jan-2024 23-Feb-2024 FT-Online - Completed Clarence Street Full-time Online
4 12-Feb-2024 08-Mar-2024 Full-time - Completed Clarence Street Full-time
5 04-Mar-2024 24-May-2024 PT-Online - Started Clarence Street Self-study Online
6 16-Mar-2024 23-May-2024 PT-Online - Started Clarence Street Part-time Online
7 16-Mar-2024 23-May-2024 Part-time - Started Clarence Street Part-time
8 18-Mar-2024 16-Apr-2024 Full-time - Completed Clarence Street Full-time
9 26-Mar-2024 26-Apr-2024 FT-Online - Started Clarence Street Full-time Online
10 22-Apr-2024 17-May-2024 Full-time - Started Clarence Street Full-time
11 27-May-2024 21-Jun-2024 Full-time Clarence Street Full-time
12 01-Jun-2024 08-Aug-2024 Part-time Clarence Street Part-time
13 04-Jun-2024 05-Jul-2024 FT-Online Clarence Street Full-time Online
14 08-Jul-2024 02-Aug-2024 Full-time Clarence Street Full-time
15 13-Jul-2024 20-Sep-2024 PT-Online Clarence Street Part-time Online
16 16-Jul-2024 16-Aug-2024 FT-Online Clarence Street Full-time Online
17 10-Aug-2024 10-Oct-2024 Part-time Clarence Street Part-time
18 19-Aug-2024 13-Sep-2024 Full-time Clarence Street Full-time
19 02-Sep-2024 22-Nov-2024 PT-Online Clarence Street Self-study Online
20 16-Sep-2024 11-Oct-2024 Full-time Clarence Street Full-time
21 24-Sep-2024 25-Oct-2024 FT-Online Clarence Street Full-time Online
22 12-Oct-2024 20-Dec-2024 Part-time Clarence Street Part-time
23 21-Oct-2024 15-Nov-2024 Full-time Clarence Street Full-time
24 12-Nov-2024 13-Dec-2024 FT-Online Clarence Street Full-time Online
25 25-Nov-2024 20-Dec-2024 Full-time Clarence Street Full-time

Course Price: Sydney

Location Tuition Fee Enrolment Fee Cambridge Fee Course Total
Sydney on campus F/T & P/T $3,295 $150 $450 *$3,895
Online live Zoom F/T & P/T $3,295 $150 $450 *$3,895
Self-Study + TP $3,295 $150 $450 *$3,895

(*) Prices in AUD. $150 AUS off for candidates who pay their course fees four weeks before the course start date.

* Note:

  • The price includes The University of Cambridge Assessment Fee.
  • We do NOT accept payments until you have submitted your application and have been interviewed by a tutor.
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The University of Sydney was Australia's first university, established in 1850. It has a strong reputation for academic excellence, making it an inspiring city for teacher trainees to further their education and career.


The CELTA course in Sydney employs the Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) methodology, promoting a student-centered environment with a strong emphasis on active participation, engagement, discovery, and motivation. This dynamic and interactive approach encourages students to use language in real-life contexts, encouraging holistic and practical language skill development. Additionally, the course focuses on positive learning outcomes by consistently encouraging and engaging students, thereby fostering a sense of accomplishment, a desire to continue learning, and building confidence to communicate effectively in various situations.

Our Sydney Training Center

We are a pioneer teacher training institute with a global network of about 160 schools in over 50 countries. With over five decades of experience, we have TEFL alumni in different sectors across the world who have become experts in the teaching field. Our Sydney training center offers a team of seasoned in-house teacher trainers who utilise the best and current teaching methodologies in transferring skills to trainees.

Meet Our Tutors

You will be trained by a team of tutors who have been specially selected and continually trained to utilise contemporary methodologies in teacher training. We maintain a high-quality standard among our tutors. The University of Cambridge certifies all our teacher trainers, all with an average of 15 years' experience both locally and internationally. Our tutors have high TEFL qualifications, including the Cambridge DELTA, Masters of Education in TESOL and Applied Linguistics, and PGCE.

Jo Roberts

Jo Roberts, a senior trainer for CELTA and CERT IV TESOL, holds a BA (Hons) in Russian and German, PGCE/PCET in ESOL and the CERT IV TAE.

Lucas Chiusoli

Lucas Chiusoli is the ELICOS and Teacher Training Assistant Director of Studies, as well as a senior trainer and coordinator for the TESOL courses.

Yulianto Lukito

Yulianto Lukito is a senior trainer holding a Master's in Applied Linguistics, M.A. in TESOL, Cambridge DELTA and CELTA, Cert IV in TESOL and Cert IV in TAE.

Job Placement Support

There is an extensive session during the course committed to training our teachers on job finding tips, resume writing and presentation. We provide contact details of prospective employers, language schools, and recruitment agencies to aid placements in global TEFL market. Many graduates successfully obtain their first post in our Sydney center itself and others find employment in local schools or abroad through the center's extensive connections.

While most of them look out for a job after completing their CELTA course, other graduate positions include setting up their own schools, teaching while backpacking and some specialise in a particular area, like Business English or Teaching Young Learners. With acquisition of the English language considered essential in just about every part of the world, the job possibilities are immense.

Here in our center in Sydney, your next journey begins before the end of the course.

Our trainers' expertise, center facilities and professional course delivery is assured through independent TESOL accreditation and auditing by the University of Cambridge, NEAS, ASQA and J-Shine (Japan).

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Exploring Sydney while taking a CELTA

Embarking on a CELTA course in Sydney? You're in for a treat! Sydney is not just a place for academic growth; it's a vibrant city filled with exciting adventures waiting to be discovered.

Iconic Landmarks

Sydney is a paradise for CELTA trainees! Imagine finishing your studies for the day and then heading out to explore the world-renowned Sydney Opera House, or feeling the wind in your hair as you climb the Harbour Bridge for a panoramic view of the city. Incredible, right?

Nature and Wildlife

And there's more! Sydney isn't just about iconic landmarks. Are you a nature lover? Dive deep into the Sydney Aquarium, stroll through the expansive Royal Botanic Garden, or get up close and personal with a koala at the Taronga Zoo. Trust me, the natural wonders of Sydney will leave you awe-inspired.


Now, let's talk about beaches - because who doesn't love a good beach day? Bondi Beach and Manly Beach are absolute must-visits. Imagine yourself sunbathing, surfing, or just people-watching on these world-famous beaches. Pure bliss!

Culinary Delights

Hungry after all that exploring? Sydney's food scene will not disappoint. Indulge in mouth-watering delicacies at Tramsheds or treat yourself to the famous Strawberry Watermelon Cake at Blackstar Pastry. Yum!

Culture and Arts

And let's not forget about the arts and culture. The Art Gallery of New South Wales and the Sydney Theatre Company are perfect spots to soak in some creativity and inspiration.

There is just so much to see and do in this beautiful city!

So, as you begin your TEFL journey in Sydney, remember to take some time out for yourself and explore all that this incredible city has to offer. Balancing studies with leisure and exploration is key to a rewarding experience. Good luck!

Earn your TEFL in Sydney to enjoy a teaching career in Australia or overseas, while you explore the best of Sydney, the Emerald City.

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