CELTA: TEFL Course in Brisbane

Take your CELTA in Brisbane or "Brissie" as it is more fondly called. Obtain the world's most recognised TEFL certificate in the fastest-growing capital city for employment in Australia.

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Experience the Difference with a CELTA in Brisbane

Dive into the world of teaching English with the internationally recognized CELTA certification in the heart of Queensland's capital, Brisbane.

Known for its eclectic blend of modern flair and old-world charm, Brisbane offers an enriching backdrop for your educational journey. With the CELTA course in Brisbane, not only do you gain expertise and skills in teaching English to a range of learners, but you also get the chance to explore a city brimming with culture, history, and outdoor activities.

From the stunning South Bank to the lush Botanic Gardens, enrich your learning experience while absorbing the vibrancy of life in Brisbane. Job prospects post-certification are vast, with ample opportunities in Asia, opening up a world of travel and professional growth. Let your journey in teaching English begin in Brisbane, a city that embodies the spirit of learning and exploration.

Key Features

  • Flexible Learning Options: We offer various course durations to suit your schedule - a comprehensive four-week full-time course, a paced 10-week part-time course, or a flexible 19-week blended learning option.
  • Accessible to All: The course welcomes motivated individuals from diverse backgrounds. No prior teaching experience is required, but a good command of English, both spoken and written, is a must.
  • Comprehensive Course Structure: Our CELTA course in Brisbane involves a minimum of 120 hours of instruction. This includes observing experienced teachers for 6 hours and 6 hours of assessed teaching practice.
  • Personal and Professional Development: We encourage participants to be receptive to new ideas, reflect on their learning, and support their peers, fostering a collaborative learning environment.
  • Continuous Assessment: Throughout the course, candidates undergo continuous evaluation, eliminating the need for a final examination.

Fun Fact: Did You Know? The Story Bridge Adventure Climb: Not many cities offer the unique experience of climbing a major city bridge. Brisbane’s iconic "Story Bridge" is one of only three legal bridge climbs in the world. As a TEFL teacher in Brisbane, you can not only educate but also thrill-seek, exploring the city from a bird's eye view on your weekend.

CELTA Brisbane: Course Content

The Brisbane CELTA course embraces the comprehensive Cambridge CELTA syllabus. It offers trainees hands-on teaching practice sessions with adult English learners, where they can apply the principles and techniques of teaching a foreign language. These techniques are not just about linguistic form, function, meaning, and phonology but extend to developing skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Additionally, the course guides trainees in classroom management, covering various techniques like presentation, practice, error analysis, correction, group work, and pair work. It also focuses on lesson planning, course planning, understanding adult learners' motivations, and different learning styles. Furthermore, the course encourages professional development by teaching trainees to evaluate their own strengths and weaknesses and prepare for their roles as teachers, colleagues, and employees.

Download complete CELTA syllabus here.

Brisbane CELTA Course Dates

# Start Date ↑ End Date Format ↑ Location Notes
1 06-Apr-2024 12-Jun-2024 PT-Online - Started Edward Street 10 weeks, Online
2 06-May-2024 15-Sep-2024 PT-Online Edward Street 19 weeks, Online
3 01-Jun-2024 07-Aug-2024 PT-Online Edward Street 10 weeks, Online
4 01-Jul-2024 10-Nov-2024 PT-Online Edward Street 19 weeks, Online
5 01-Jul-2024 09-Aug-2024 Blended Edward Street 6 weeks, Blended
6 31-Aug-2024 06-Nov-2024 PT-Online Edward Street 10 weeks, Online
7 05-Oct-2024 12-Dec-2024 PT-Online Edward Street 10 weeks, Online

Course Price: Brisbane

  • Fees: $3,600 (AUD) *
  • Receive a 10% discount on tuition, by paying in full at least one month prior to course

* Note:

  • The price includes The University of Cambridge Assessment Fee.
  • We do NOT accept payments until you have submitted your application and have been interviewed by a tutor.
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Course Schedule: Brisbane

Full-time 5-week 100% Online course: Runs Monday-Thursday, 10.00-18.30 AEST.

Part-time 10-week 100% Online course: Runs Mondays/Wednesdays 18.00-21.30 AEST and Saturdays/ Sundays 10.00-14.30 AEST.
*Two week break for Christmas and New Year’s Holiday season.

Online/Blended CELTA course: Runs for 19 weeks, and includes 120 hours of blended training. Currently 100% online delivery. Teaching Practice carried out over 9 Saturdays and Sundays 17.00-21.30 JST during the course.

Fun Fact: River City: Brisbane is fondly referred to as "The River City". This is due to the Brisbane River that winds through the city, enhancing its scenic beauty. For teachers pursuing their CELTA, the river provides a unique backdrop for relaxation, offering ferry rides or serene walks along its banks.

CELTA Brisbane Overview

The CELTA course in Brisbane is a well designed initial teacher training course with a minimum of 120 hours study period, including teaching practice, supervised lesson planning, peer observation and constructive feedbacks tailored to improve your confidence and professionalism in the classroom.

This TEFL certification in Brisbane will qualify you as a professional English teacher, opening multiple opportunities to teach English in Australia and overseas. If you choose to remain in Australia, you can find openings in ELICOS institutions where teachers are currently in high demand or University language centers, Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institutions and the vast migrant education sector of the country.

Brisbane is undoubtedly the city to combine a TEFL course, such as a CELTA, with adventure in its pretty Southbank Parklands and pristine Brisbane River.

CELTA Training Center Brisbane

For nearly two decades since 2004, we have been a cornerstone of quality education in Australia and Asia. With a steadfast commitment to top-notch teaching, experienced instructors, and personal engagement with every student, we empower over 10,000 learners each year to embrace lifelong learning.

Our Brisbane CELTA center is part of a group of language training centers operating across Australia, South Korea and Japan. The center is dedicated in providing a personalised level of approach from our tutors during and beyond your TEFL training period.

You will have access to world-class facilities including air-conditioned classrooms, modern computer centers with free internet and a terrace with barbecue creating an ideal environment to complete your CELTA successfully.

Our center is a proud member of the Association of Language Teaching Organisations (ALTO) and English Australia. We are also accredited by the Australian Skills Quality Index (ASQA).

Tutors at Brisbane Training Center

All tutors are accredited by the University of Cambridge, with top TEFL qualifications to their credit, having years of experience in teacher training. They are friendly, supportive and will handle all input sessions and teaching practice classes.

Our commitment to quality and continuous professional development is acknowledged and appreciated by our TEFL trainees. As one of our alumni precisely stated:

"Having experienced a course here, I can personally testify to their high standards. But what sets them apart is their holistic approach. They don't focus merely on a single course; instead, they are dedicated to the continuous professional development of a teacher. This student-focused approach to lifetime learning truly sets them apart as a leading institution for teacher training."

Job Support and Assistance

The team of highly experienced tutors will not only teach you the practical skills required to be a TEFL teacher, but will also extend their support in helping you attain your career goals. There is a website you will be given access, which is dedicated to linking our graduates with several job opportunities across Australia, Asia, Latin America and Europe. The center partners with several world-leading institutions to ensure that our graduates get the best offers across the globe.

Take a break during your CELTA in Brisbane where summer never ends, to visit the City Botanic Gardens on one of your weekends. See the first cultivated Macadamia tree in the world, or watch live operas in an underground reservoir at the Underground Opera Company.

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Immerse in the Wonders of Brisbane during your CELTA Course

As you embark on your journey of gaining the internationally recognised CELTA qualification in Brisbane, it's worth remembering that your experience here will go far beyond the classroom. Brisbane, with its unique blend of natural beauty, thrilling activities, and culinary delights, ensures a vibrant backdrop for your learning adventure. Here's a round-up of activities and places you can delve into during your CELTA course breaks.

Marvel at the Cityscape from the Wheel of Brisbane

  • The Wheel of Brisbane: While TEFL can be intensive, take a pause to admire the city's stunning panoramic views from the iconic Wheel of Brisbane. Located in the heart of South Bank Parklands, the wheel offers a unique perspective of the cityscape, a calming escape from your rigorous studies.

Experience the Uniqueness of Australian Wildlife

  • Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary: Away from the course materials, engage with Australia's unique wildlife at the Lone Pine Sanctuary. It's a fantastic place to unwind, offering a refreshing blend of relaxation and learning.

Seek Solace Amidst Nature's Lap

  • Brisbane Botanic Gardens Mount Coot-tha: Amid your TEFL program, give your senses a nature-induced rejuvenation at Brisbane Botanic Gardens Mount Coot-tha. This tranquil retreat, aside from being a wonderful unwinding spot, can also serve as an inspirational study location.

Satisfy Your Thrill-Seeking Spirit

  • Night Kayaking off Moreton Island: Turn your TEFL weekends into an adventure-filled escapade. Experience moonlit kayaking off the coast of Moreton Island and get a different taste of Brisbane's natural beauty.

Travel Back in Time

  • Steam Train Sunday: Take a break from modernity and journey back in time aboard Australia's last steam locomotive. This historical trip provides a refreshing contrast to your CELTA coursework while simultaneously allowing you to admire the city's scenic vistas.

Dive into Brisbane's Gastronomic Scene

  • Local Culinary Delights: As you immerse yourself in teaching training, don't forget to explore Brisbane's tantalising food scene. From the vibrantly colourful Rainbow Latte at Piggy Back Café to the rich, satisfying flavours of gnocchi with pork and fennel sausage, Brisbane's gastronomy will not disappoint.

In Brisbane, your CELTA journey transcends the boundaries of academic learning. The city's cultural richness, coupled with an array of outdoor adventures and culinary experiences, makes your time here truly unforgettable. Balancing your intensive CELTA schedule with these exciting city delights enhances your overall experience, leaving you with lasting memories.

Equip yourself with the tools for success in the field of English language teaching by kick-starting your TEFL career in Brisbane, a city with a robust economy and a thriving multicultural ambiance.

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