CELTA: TEFL Course in Melbourne

Obtain your CELTA in Melbourne and become a qualified TEFL teacher, to teach English across the globe in one of the top ten most liveable cities in the world with a perfect mix of world-class fashion, music and art.

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Elevate your Teaching Skills with a CELTA in Melbourne

Immerse yourself in the dynamic, cultural hub of Australia, Melbourne, while embarking on your educational journey with the Cambridge CELTA course.

Melbourne, known for its rich arts scene and splendid coffee culture, offers a lively backdrop for ESL teaching aspirants. The CELTA course in Melbourne not only equips you with an internationally recognised TEFL certificate and teaching skills but also allows you to experience colourful city life.

As the course unfolds, you will discover opportunities to explore the city's iconic laneways, famed sports arenas, and beautiful parks, all while establishing a strong foundation for your teaching career.

Key Features

  • Develop Confidence and Skills: Our CELTA program is designed to build both your skills and confidence in language teaching and classroom management. Perfect for individuals with little to no previous teaching experience.
  • Flexible Learning Modes: We offer different learning styles and schedules with our face to face (full-time and part-time), blended (combining online and face to face instruction), and 100% online CELTA courses.
  • Comprehensive Teaching Experience: The course includes 120+ contact hours, including nine teaching practice lessons amounting to 6 hours, and individual progress meetings with tutors. Candidates get a chance to teach international students at two different levels of English language proficiency.
  • Unlock Global Opportunities: Upon graduation, you can teach all over the world, make a difference in learners' lives, meet interesting people with amazing life experiences, and enjoy a new career challenge.

Fun Fact: Melbourne's Coffee Culture: Melbourne is renowned for its thriving coffee culture. It's often cited as having some of the best coffee in the world, making it a great city for CELTA candidates to fuel their studies and enjoy high-quality caffeine fixes.

CELTA Melbourne: Course Content

The CELTA course in Melbourne offers a comprehensive curriculum, divided into four key sections.

  • It begins with "Awareness of language", providing an introduction to the structure, functions, and phonology of the English language.
  • This is followed by "Methodology", which covers the principles, techniques, and strategies for communicative language teaching.
  • The third component, "Teaching Practice", involves daily supervised sessions complemented by constructive feedback from peers and tutors.
  • The final area is "Observation", featuring real-world classroom exposure where candidates observe both peers and experienced teachers at different levels of English.
  • Additionally, there are four written assignments designed to reinforce the teaching concepts learned.
Download complete CELTA syllabus here.

Melbourne CELTA Course Dates

# Start Date ↑ End Date Format ↑ Location Notes
1 23-Oct-2023 26-Jan-2024 Blended - Completed Bourke Street 13 weeks Part-time, Face-to-face Input
2 12-Feb-2024 15-Mar-2024 Blended - Completed Bourke Street 5 weeks Full-time, Face-to-face Input ( Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri) 9:00am - 5:00pm
3 19-Feb-2024 29-May-2024 Blended - Completed Bourke Street 14 weeks Part-time, Face-to-face Input (Mon, Wed) 5:00 - 9:00pm
4 29-Feb-2024 02-May-2024 Blended - Completed Bourke Street 9.5 weeks Part-time Online (Tue, Thurs) 5:00 - 9:00pm
5 03-Jun-2024 05-Jul-2024 Blended - Completed Bourke Street 5 weeks Full-time, Face-to-face Input ( Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri) 9:00am - 5:00pm
6 22-Jul-2024 08-Nov-2024 Blended Bourke Street 16 weeks Part-time, Face-to-face Input (Mon, Wed) 5:00 - 9:00pm
7 25-Jul-2024 26-Sep-2024 PT-Online Bourke Street 9.5 weeks Part-time Online (Tue, Thurs) 5:00 - 9:00pm
8 21-Oct-2024 31-Jan-2025 Blended Bourke Street 9 weeks Part-time Online and 4 weeks Face-to-face Input
9 11-Nov-2024 13-Dec-2024 Full-time Bourke Street 5 weeks Full-time, Face-to-face Input ( Mon, Tues, Thurs & Fri) 9:00am - 5:00pm

Course Price: Melbourne

  • Fees: $3100 (AUD) *

* Note:

  • The price includes The University of Cambridge Assessment Fee.
  • We do NOT accept payments until you have submitted your application and have been interviewed by a tutor.
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CELTA Course Options

Full-Time CELTA Course
  • This 5-week intensive course runs on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm.
  • Wednesdays are reserved for private study and observation of experienced teachers during two 2-hour sessions. They also replace public holidays.
Part-Time CELTA Course
  • This course runs for 15 weeks, with classes held from 5.00 pm to 9.00 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays.
  • Workshops and input sessions are conducted on Monday nights, while teaching practice and feedback sessions occur on Wednesdays. Tuesdays replace public holidays.
Part-Time Blended CELTA Course
  • This course starts with 8 weeks of online instruction, followed by 3 weeks of face-to-face teaching practice.
  • The online phase includes regular contact with tutors and allows students to progress at their own pace.
  • The subsequent 3-week face-to-face teaching practice runs Monday to Friday, from 10am to 12.30pm.
Part-Time Online CELTA Course
  • This entirely online course spans 9 weeks, with both input and teaching practice conducted digitally.
  • The input section involves self-directed reading of weekly online units, supplemented by weekly tutor-led meetings.
  • Teaching practice is scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5pm to 7pm throughout the course.

Fun Fact: A City of Literature: In 2008, Melbourne was recognized as a UNESCO City of Literature due to its rich literary history, vibrant libraries, and thriving literary festivals. As a CELTA candidate, you're not just in a city passionate about language, but one celebrated for its love of the written word.

CELTA Melbourne Overview

Immerse yourself in the world of English language teaching in Melbourne, a city renowned for its educational standards and cultural richness. With our CELTA course, designed for both beginners and experienced teachers, you'll gain a deep understanding of the principles of teaching English as a foreign language and a widely respected certification. Alongside mastering teaching techniques and language awareness, you'll gain practical experience through supervised teaching sessions, enhancing your confidence in the classroom.

Moreover, a CELTA certification from Melbourne can unlock global opportunities. Graduates often find rewarding teaching roles around the world, especially in Asia, providing a chance to travel and impact learners' lives positively. Whether you're looking for a new career, a change of career, or a boost in your professional development, a CELTA course in Melbourne offers a fulfilling and enriching journey. Plus, the unique lifestyle and attractions of Melbourne provide a delightful backdrop for your teaching adventure. From the artsy laneways to the bustling coffee culture, there's a lot to explore as you embark on this rewarding journey.

CELTA Training Center Melbourne

Our training center in Melbourne is a highly respected institution that stands at the forefront of education and professional development. Known for delivering quality training programs, we cater to a diverse range of learners, including aspiring and established English language teachers. The institution takes pride in its focus on student success, offering courses that foster practical skills, deep subject understanding, and career-readiness.

With us, students receive instruction from experienced educators who bring real-world insights to the classroom. The institution's commitment to innovation and contemporary teaching techniques ensures a learning experience that's both engaging and impactful. As a result, students who train with us are equipped with the skills and qualifications necessary to thrive in their chosen careers.

Beyond its educational offerings, we contribute to an enriching study experience with its prime location. Nestled in the heart of Melbourne, students can enjoy the city's vibrant cultural scene, diverse food offerings, and iconic landmarks during their course. Overall, our training center in Melbourne provides an ideal setting for personal growth, academic achievement, and professional advancement.

Tutors at Melbourne Training Center

At our Melbourne center, we pride ourselves on our team of dedicated, highly qualified tutors who bring their extensive experience in teaching English and a deep understanding of the CELTA methodology to every course they instruct. They are not just educators; they are mentors, committed to providing personalized guidance to each trainee. They understand the complexities and challenges of teaching English as a foreign language and are adept at providing practical solutions. Beyond the course, they offer valuable advice for job hunting and professional development. Their passion for teaching inspires our trainees, fostering a supportive and stimulating learning environment.

Job Support and Assistance

During the final stages of the CELTA course, we place special emphasis on preparing our trainees for their future teaching careers. We host a comprehensive 'Future Pathways' session, where our experienced tutors share valuable insights and offer practical guidance to aid your job search process. They leverage their industry connections and years of experience to equip you with effective strategies for securing English teaching roles, both locally and internationally. Our support doesn't end with the conclusion of the course; we remain a steady resource, providing ongoing assistance and advice as you navigate the dynamic world of English language teaching post-CELTA.

Melbourne was rated the most liveable city in the world by the Economist Intelligence Unit's Liveability Index more than five years in a row, getting top scores in healthcare, stability, education, culture and infrastructure.

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Exploring Melbourne while taking a CELTA

Melbourne, often labelled as Australia's cultural capital, provides an exciting blend of style, sport, history, and great food and wine. As a CELTA trainee in Melbourne, you'll be stepping into a city brimming with enriching experiences and adventures. From the bohemian cafes and vibrant street art to the serene gardens and dynamic sporting events, Melbourne has something to cater to every teacher's interest. As you navigate through your intense CELTA journey, let Melbourne's attractions provide the perfect backdrop for relaxation and exploration. Here are some of the quintessential Melbourne experiences you can delve into during your CELTA course.

Experience the Artistic Heartbeat of Melbourne

  • Visit the National Gallery of Victoria: Australia's oldest public art gallery with an impressive collection of over 70,000 works.
  • Explore the Melbourne Arts Precinct: A creative cluster of theaters, galleries, and concert halls in Southbank.
  • Wander through the laneways: Melbourne is famous for its vibrant street art. Don't miss Hosier Lane, ACDC Lane, and Union Lane.

Savour Melbourne's Culinary Delights

  • Dine in Melbourne's top-notch restaurants: From Attica, one of the world's top 50 restaurants, to the city's countless ethnic eateries.
  • Visit the Queen Victoria Market: Taste fresh produce, gourmet food, and fantastic coffee in this iconic open-air market.
  • Indulge in the city's coffee culture: Melbourne is renowned for its coffee. Try a flat white in Degraves Street or Hardware Lane.

Explore Melbourne's Natural Beauty

  • Stroll along the Yarra River: Take a scenic walk, cycle, or even a river cruise along Melbourne's charming Yarra River.
  • Visit the Royal Botanic Gardens: A tranquil oasis with more than 10,000 species of native and exotic plants.
  • Drive the Great Ocean Road: If you have a free weekend, take a road trip along this iconic coastal route.

Discover Melbourne's Rich History

  • Explore the Melbourne Museum: Learn about Australia's social history, indigenous cultures, science, and the environment.
  • Visit the Immigration Museum: Discover the stories of people from all over the world who have migrated to Australia.
  • Tour the Old Melbourne Gaol: This 19th-century prison once held some of Australia's most notorious criminals.

Immerse in Melbourne's Sport Culture

  • Visit the Melbourne Cricket Ground: Take a behind-the-scenes tour of this legendary sports stadium.
  • Attend an Australian Football League match: Experience the passion of Aussie Rules Football at a live game.
  • Try out surfing: Melbourne is close to some fantastic surf beaches. Take a lesson and catch some waves!

Embrace the Melbourne Lifestyle

  • Enjoy live music: Melbourne has a thriving music scene with plenty of live gigs to enjoy, from rock to jazz.
  • Shop at local boutiques: From quirky Brunswick Street to the stylish shops of Chapel Street, shopping in Melbourne is a treat.
  • Relax in Melbourne's parks: Spend a relaxing afternoon in one of Melbourne's beautiful parks like Fitzroy Gardens or Carlton Gardens.

By combining your CELTA course with exploring Melbourne, you'll not only develop your professional skills but also immerse yourself in the richness of Australian culture and lifestyle. This unique blend of learning and exploration will undoubtedly make your CELTA journey in Melbourne a memorable one.

Obtain your CELTA in Melbourne to gain access to teaching opportunities in Australia and overseas, with great career changing and personality development opportunities.

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